JUMEAUX is the music collaboration duo of cousins LIBBY LAVELLA and ANTONIO GAMBALE.

LIBBY is a singer songwriter based in Los Angeles, California.

To learn more about her work, listen to music and more, off you go:


ANTONIO is a music composer and producer based in Paris, France.

To learn more about his work.. well he’s currently a website retard but is working on it.  In the meantime, you can check out the stuff he’s worked on by visiting his IMDB listing.  You may well have heard some of his work already in some major Hollywood films!


JUMEAUX came about following an idea from the freakishly talented novelist MICHAEL SCOTT, the author of the amazing series “The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel” which many of us know and love dearly.  If you haven’t read these books and you enjoy adventure fantasy literature, lavishly interwoven with mythological elements from cultures all over the planet, then do yourself a favor!  Not that these books need any talking up, but every single one of them has debuted in the NY Times top ten bestseller list. Nuff said.  Go find out about it all here:


MICHAEL’s idea was simple – he has been a long-time fan of the music of LIBBY LAVELLA, and he thought it would be fascinating to have her write songs inspired by the characters, the themes and the questions raised in the Nicholas Flamel series.  LIBBY wanted to bring a cinematic element to this music, so who better to collaborate with than her cousin ANTONIO in Paris, who has worked on the soundtracks of many a major motion picture.  Together they co-wrote a theme song for PERENELLE called “Carry My Voice”, which MICHAEL made available on his official site.  It was a huge hit with readers – the song was downloaded over 120,000 times!  

Since then, LIBBY travelled to Paris to write and record more songs in the studio, and the duo JUMEAUX was born.  If you don’t speak french, google translate that word and you’ll see why they chose this name for their collaboration on this music.. it certainly fits in with the main characters of the series!

JUMEAUX have already written and recorded several songs (including some music videos!).  In this blog, JUMEAUX invite you to follow along with us as we write more music, discuss the meanings of the lyrics and how they relate to the Flamel universe, and be a part of this exciting fan-based creation.  MICHAEL SCOTT will be joining in, with interviews and comments along the way, so we hope to see you here too!


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