Hey everyone!  Just a quick post to let you know we’ve added some new (and excellent) selections over on our JUMEAUX YouTube Channel that fans of Flamel may want to check out.

When we started our video channels, we had two goals in mind.  Our VIMEO channel is our home for all of our original work – music videos, video art, making-ofs and other high quality HD videos that we’ve created (and are creating) as part of our project of works inspired by THE SECRETS OF THE IMMORTAL NICHOLAS FLAMEL.

Our YouTube channel has a slightly different goal.  We’re uploading our own creations there as well of course, but we’re also curating the very best quality stuff we can find that relates to the Flamel universe.  As we all know, there’s no shortage of content on YouTube, but the truly great stuff is sometimes hard to come by.  So we’ve been setting out to gradually make our channel one of the go-to places on YouTube for anyone who wants to learn more about the historical figures and real-world settings in the books, along with any other cool material we can find.

To kick the series off, we found a rare video of a visit to Nicholas and Perenelle’s actual, bona-fide house in Paris where an expert historian was interviewed about the history of the building.  Unfortunately for many people (by many people, we mean english-speakers), it was in french.  So, we subtitled it into english for y’all (aw shucks, no need to thank us!), to make that information accessible to more people.  If you haven’t checked it out already, go take a look.

So today we’ve “favorited” a few more excellent selections and you can see them on our channel.  We’ll let you go check them out for yourselves, but in short – if you’re curious to learn more about JOHN DEE and NICCOLÒ MACHIAVELLI, two of the most intriguing historical figures (and main characters!) from THE SECRETS OF THE IMMORTAL NICHOLAS FLAMEL, then look no further!  The documentary in five parts on Machiavelli is particularly interesting.  It explores his philosophies on politics and statesmanship by cleverly putting it in the context of modern American politics, so it really helps you to understand what he was about and the impact he’s had on our lives today.

Part of what’s so great about the Flamel series (apart from the fact that they’re just such a darn good read), is that the more you know about the mythology and historical figures MICHAEL SCOTT weaves into his stories, the richer your reading experience is and the more you get out of it.  So we encourage you to go check these videos out!

We’d love to include your suggestions too, so be sure and let us know about the gems you’ve found during your own YouTube binges and we’ll add them to our channel.  Also if you have created your own fan videos that you want to share, bring it on!

Stay tuned for more updates soon, and don’t miss our upcoming exclusive Q&A with the man himself, Michael Scott!



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