Well hello there again, dear fans of Flamel.

In case you haven’t been over there yet, we just wanted to let you know… JUMEAUX is now on VIMEO & YouTube!

If you don’t know VIMEO, it’s a fantastic site.  Similar idea to YouTube, but only contains original content and the focus is on quality.  The picture (and sound) quality is worlds apart from YouTube so it’s a great place to showcase video work in beautiful HD. We’ve created our own JUMEAUX channel on Vimeo where we’ll be putting all our own original content – music videos, making of’s and more.  There are already 5 original videos up, including the official music video for THIS WAY FOREVER, so go check it out.  We’ll be blogging in depth about these videos, so you’ll be able to learn a lot more about what they’re about, how they were made and the inspiration behind it all.

You can even subscribe to our VIMEO channel if you like our work.  That’d be just lovely.  But while you’re over on Vimeo, take a look around because it’s really a great site full of fantastic video work from people all over the world.  It might even give you the bug to try making stuff of your own (like what happened to us), and it’s a great resource for learning how to make better videos with loads of tutorials and fantastic discussion communities to help you out.

We also have a JUMEAUX channel on YouTube. Just like on Vimeo, we’re putting up all of our own original video creations.  But we’re also curating the very best material we can find from all over the internet related to the world of THE SECRETS OF THE IMMORTAL NICHOLAS FLAMEL.  For example, we found a fantastic interview video with an expert historian on the 3rd arrondissement of Paris (the neighbourhood where Nicholas and Perenelle’s house is still standing), where they discuss the history of the house and the ancient inscriptions on the façade.  Great video, but unless you can speak french, that information is out of reach.  Luckily, ANTONIO speaks french, so he kindly subtitled the video into english to make the information accessible to many more people.  You can see it here: http://youtu.be/bkedjtU4-lY.

So that’s an example of what our JUMEAUX YouTube channel is about.  We’re going to continue to find as much interesting information for Flamel fans as we can, so we encourage you to subscribe, join in, link videos and make it a great resource for everyone!

Stay tuned for more original videos coming soon.. including an official music video for Perenelle’s theme song, CARRY MY VOICE.  We’ll let you know when it’s ready!


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