Hello fans of Flamel! Libby here…

Hello fans of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel series and Jumeaux! I am thrilled to be a part of the duo Jumeaux and am most grateful that you have taken the time to visit our little blog. You may or may not know me from my solo work, if not and if you feel inclined, you can visit me here (www.libbylavella.com) and read a little more about my music, but if you are already familiar then allow me to bring up you up to speed and share with you how Jumeaux came about.

When Michael Scott was about to launch the series with his stunning first book, The Alchemyst, he casually mentioned that it would be cool to have a song for the website. He allowed me to read a proof and without hesitation I contacted my cousin Antonio Gambale in Paris. We’d been talking on and off for years about working together and I knew that this was the going to be the perfect pairing. I knew without a doubt that Antonio would “get” the book and the series and that the mood of the book would benefit from his composition and programming sensibilities.

Coincidentally, when I was in Paris in 2005, Antonio was living in an apartment in the Marais literally around the corner from historic house of Nicholas Flamel, as a consequence we must have walked past the house over 20 times. We talked about it casually, a little about the myths surrounding the story of Flamel, the fact that it is now a restaurant and has been for awhile, we even photographed some of the carvings around the façade. Incredible! Little did we know what was to come.

I’ll be posting some stories about the music, my trips to Paris to write and record with Antonio, my thoughts on the book series and so on. No doubt, my comrade in arms, Antonio will post too from time to time. Who knows, we may even be able to nail down Michael Scott of an interview…stranger things have happened. Stay tuned and thanks so much for listening. More to come!


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